The new company I am starting revolves around having influential college students promote local businesses with Snapchat / Instagram location tags and geofilters on their stories.

This concept is very new in my head and I have not yet come up with a name for the company. In this deck I needed to send out to GoPuff I used the name “GeoDaddy” because it relates to GeoFilters. But more important than the name is the concept of the pitch which I laid out very simply in these 6 slides that I designed.


To properly pitch this to GoPuff I located their warehouse in Tempe and showed up with a printed copy. I always try to show up and give my pitch in person when possible. Emails simply don’t do the trick, especially when they don’t know you.

I gave the warehouse manager the pitch who loved it but said I would need to wait until the marketing head of Arizona gets back from vacation to move forward. So the next day I went back and dropped off this letter.

Now that GoPuff has the collateral they need … I will keep pushing until I get a hard yes or no.