Funky Monk is a new bar on Mill Ave here in Tempe, AZ. Mill has several popular bars so Funky Monk needs to do everything they can to market themselves as the hot new bar to party goers on Mill. I recognized this need quickly and approached them with an idea to help market their new business. I successfully closed the deal with them for a year long geofilter … and here is how I did it.

This all started about 5 weeks ago. I went to Funky Monk and noticed they did not have a geofilter so I took the liberty of designing them this one before I even begun the sale.

This was a very crucial step in the sale. If I walked into the bar and said “hey you need a geofilter” they request may have been lost forever … but I’m smarter than that and decided to go in with the design AND contract already in place so all I had to do was close the sale.

Anyways, the next time I came back to Funky Monk I had the design ready to go. As soon as the bouncer checked my ID I showed him the filter and said something along the lines of “dude how do you guys not have a geofilter … (showing him my design) … who do I have to talk to to get this live right now”. I spoke with clear conviction and he immediatly walked me over to the bar manager Erik.

I said the same thing to Erik with an insane amount of confidence and thats when I got my lucky break.

So Funky Monk is owned by a larger holding company called Square One Concepts that controls roughly 20 other restaurants. Zach who makes all the marketing decisions for their restaurants was there that night and Erik gave me a nice introduction to him and thats when I went into my pitch.

I said “you have got to be kidding me man, all these people in your new bar Snapchatting away and you aren’t capturing that through a branded Geofilter…. you have to be crazy”.  Then he said “I know we’ve been looking to get one”. As soon as he said that I cut him off and showed him my design. I said “Bro I got you covered, check this out… we need to get it live right now”.

At that point he really took me seriously which goes to show that you need to be prepared with all the necessary collateral before you pitch the sale. I doubt he would have taken me seriously if I didn’t have a design to show him right there on the spot.

After I showed him the design I got his contact information. He told me to email him the design and hell work on getting it live.

I had no intention of JUST sending him the design. I wanted to close the deal and get the filter live as soon as possible so I sent him this well thought out proposal with a pay now button right on the document.

To create this document / contract / invoiced I used a software called PandaDoc. I am a huge fan of PandaDoc because it combines all the information you need to close a deal right in one single document, which was exactly what I needed for this instance.

So the next day after meeting Zach at the bar I texted him and said nice meeting you tonight and reassured him I wanted to get this filter live ASAP. I said I would email him the filter design and a proposal which I did later that day … not even 24 hours after I had met him.

So here I come storming into the bar, showed the marketing manager a beautiful Geofilter, and the next day sent him a invoice for the filter. I did everything at lightning speed which showed him I mean business.

2 days later on Monday Zach emailed me back and said he was going to meet with his “guys” about taking the filter live and would let me know his decision after his meeting on Wednesday. The problem with that was I had no intention on waiting until Wednesday or leaving the decision up to his “guys”. So I did some research through the bar promoters and found out Zach was going to be at the Funky Monk on Tuesday the night before his meeting.

Obviously I showed up that Tuesday night and did my last bit of selling before the meeting the next day … needless to say I got a call on Wednesday afternoon thanking me for the design and got an email confirmation that night confirming his payment.

I feel like I played my cards extremely well in pursuing this deal and I’m glad I did because just 5 weeks in the results are on FIRE for the Funky Monk Geofilter. Luckily for them I’m a savage salesmen.