Getting Totally Baked @ ASU

Getting Totally Baked @ ASUGetting Totally Baked late night at ASU has never been easier! Just call (480) 420-4029 & they'll deliver the warmest cookies & tastiest ice cream straight to your dorm, apartment, or house! Mention University Saver and get 20% off your entire order. For even more deals downland the University Saver app today - Posted by University Saver on Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nick Krakower For Ivy Man

I made all this collateral to help Nick Krakower successfully win Alpha Phi Ivy Man.

Hungry? You Gotta See This!

Hungry?! You Gotta See This - Posted by University Saver on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rory 4 Turtle King Geofilter

One of the things I’ve been very interested in lately is experimenting with Snapchat Geofilters. Snapchat is extremely hot right now with college age kids like myself and it seems like everyone has a need to use it. It however gets stale sometimes and people are always looking for ways to make their Snapchat experience better. A great way to do that is with Geofilters.

Just like they sound, Geofilters are location based filters that you can apply to your Snapchat pictures of videos. These are great for letting your friends know if your at some special location or event.

Here is a description from Snapchat 

I decided to get creative with a filter to promote my roommate Rory’s campaign for the Delta Zeta Turtle king pageant. Delta Zeta is a sorority and they host the Turtle pageant every year to elect representatives for their sorority from different fraternities here on campus.

For this campaign I ran 2 separate filters using the same design. I spent a total of $34.52 with a reach of exactly 10,915 achieving a cost per impression of about 1/3 of a cent. Not bad. Here is a breakdown of the campaign.

First Rory went into announce he was running for Delta Zeta Turtle Man weeks before the pageant took place. He announced he was running for Turtle king in front of the entire Chapter of Delta Zeta and specifically told all the girls to use the Snapchat filter. With this filter I was able to get 10,304 views for just over $28! I could have actually spent less that $28 if I made the geo fence radius smaller, but I wanted to play it safe.

I ran the same filter weeks later a second time at the actual pageant and got only 4,444 views this time for $6.11. The reason this had roughly half the views of the original filter weeks prior was because there was no specific call to action. Initially Rory explicitly told everyone to get out their phone and use the filter. This time we just let it sit and didn’t tell anyone to use it. Without any call to action we were still able to achieve about 5,000 views.

Notice how I was able to slip the University Saver logo in the bottom for a some very Native Advertising.

The people who saw this filter were all ASU students so partnering up with Rory at the Delta Zeta Turtle pageant was a great way to get students engaging with the University Saver brand at an extremely low cost.

I plan on doing a lot more of these so stay tuned for more analysis.

Sal's Pizza | University Saver Geofilter

This Geofilter dates back to last semester when I first started University Saver. This was from the days before University Saver was an app. At this point in time University Saver was a single coupon for Apple Wallet the updated every week with a new discount.

This Geofilter was live during the week Sal’s Pizza was offering a discount on the coupon. In order to help them promote their deal I offered to make them a Geofilter to surround their business that week.

This was the first Geofilter I ever made and was extremely basic and the views were modest. It was my first one and since then I have learned a lot and will apply those findings moving forward. 

Screen Repair Plus Commercial

Cracked iPhone screen? Screen Repair Plus will meet you wherever you are! Call 480-781-0060 to schedule a repair and mention "University Saver" to get 10% off. For even more deals downlaod the University Saver app now - Posted by University Saver on Monday, October 3, 2016

This commercial was one that got a lot of attention promoting a 10% off discount from Screen Repair Plus. This is one of the most successful deals on University Saver and I suspect the video had something to do with that. It does a great job keeping the attention while being very informative that their technicians come straight to you for the repair!

The First Ever University Saver Commercial.

  Download the University Saver app now for huge student discoun...Download University Saver now for huge student discounts on food & booze - Posted by University Saver on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The following commercial was filmed for the launch of the first version of the University Saver app. It highlights 3 of the current University Saver deals from Devils Advocate, Fractured Prune, & Costa Vida. Special thanks to the cast Stevie, Rory, Dani, & Kennedy Website Build

I met THE BOY Christian Parrish my freshman year at ASU. He was in my pledge class and lives close to me in California. We spent a lot of time together at ASU. Sadly he transferred to a school in Virginia.

He recently hit me up and told me he was starting a photography business called “C-Note Visuals” and he needed to get a website up quick. I told him he came to the right place!

What I have today is an extremely simple portfolio style website that is perfect for just starting out. I used wordpress for this reason because we can easily modify the website as his business grows.


Visit Christian’s website here => CNOTEVISUALS.COM