ChipIn Logo Design

A friend from school heard I was good at graphic design (he heard right) and asked me to design a conceptual logo for an app he’s planning on launching called ChipIN. Here is what I came up with.

UniSave Wire Frame

Davis Richardson is a long time friend and business associate. He has an idea for a meal plan app he wants to start at Berkeley and reach out to me for some help getting it off the ground.

Davis has been hard at work on the business plan among many other things. After many meetings he tracked down a qualified developer to make the app. But before he could proceed he needed a basic wireframe to present to the developer. In order to get that task done he reached out to someone he knew could get the job done …

Skateland USA Graphics

My fraternity is having an 80’s themed social event at a roller rink and needed a promotional graphic. This is what I came up with.

Game Day Graphics

My fraternity is hosting a tailgate for the upcoming game against SDSU. In order to properly promote the event I created an event graphic with the details as well as a Snapchat geofilter.

Doner Dudes Photos

Doner Dudes is a new restaurant in Tempe. They just opened and students don’t know anything about them. They have an Instagram account but they haven’t posted any content that students would pay attention to. That’s wear I offered to help them out.

I walked into Doner Dudes randomly one night and talked to the owner. I showed him his Instagram account and told him he could be doing way better. I said if he would give me and my friends a free meal we would come in and take pictures that he could use for his Instagram.

The next day we captured these:

Nick Krakower For Ivy Man

I made all this collateral to help Nick Krakower successfully win Alpha Phi Ivy Man.