UniSave Investment Deck

This deck was made by Davis Richardson and I for an upcoming business project called UniSave.

UniSave Sales & Marketing Strategy Deck

My buddy Davis is in the beginning stages of starting his college meal plan app called UniSave.

During these beginning stages you need to explain your concept to investors, potential team members, and anyone else who needs to understand your idea. He has an upcoming meeting with a potential developer he needs to win over to his team. To make sure he is prepared for his meeting I created this quick and simple deck that lays out the marketing plan for the business.

It’s nothing fancy, but I believe it still does the job of communicating the idea efficiently on paper.

A Pitch To GoPuff

The new company I am starting revolves around having influential college students promote local businesses with Snapchat / Instagram location tags and geofilters on their stories.

This concept is very new in my head and I have not yet come up with a name for the company. In this deck I needed to send out to GoPuff I used the name “GeoDaddy” because it relates to GeoFilters. But more important than the name is the concept of the pitch which I laid out very simply in these 6 slides that I designed.


To properly pitch this to GoPuff I located their warehouse in Tempe and showed up with a printed copy. I always try to show up and give my pitch in person when possible. Emails simply don’t do the trick, especially when they don’t know you.

I gave the warehouse manager the pitch who loved it but said I would need to wait until the marketing head of Arizona gets back from vacation to move forward. So the next day I went back and dropped off this letter.

Now that GoPuff has the collateral they need … I will keep pushing until I get a hard yes or no.

GeoDaddy Sales Deck

I have had this business concept in my head for the last few months and I want to take it and turn it into a business. I most likely will not call it GeoDaddy, but this deck’s intention was to put the idea on paper.

The basic idea of this business model is to use influencer marketing on a micro scale to help bars and restaurants around college campuses get more customers.

This is the first of a few drafts. Hope you enjoy.