GeoDaddy Website Build

This website I made heavily relies on video graphics so although this picture is nice, the best way to check out my work is to visit the website through the link below; Custom Website

Visit Stevie’s Website @ STEVIEEMERSON.COM

Stevie Emerson is one of the most talented individuals I have met. He is a comedian at heart and a wizard with the camera and visual effects. The dude can do it all.

He was the one who filmed all the University Saver commercials, so we had worked together in the past. He is interested in pursuing a career in Comedy and wanted a website to represent himself. I build this for him by hand in Adobe Muse and I think I did a very good job for him. Website Build

I met THE BOY Christian Parrish my freshman year at ASU. He was in my pledge class and lives close to me in California. We spent a lot of time together at ASU. Sadly he transferred to a school in Virginia.

He recently hit me up and told me he was starting a photography business called “C-Note Visuals” and he needed to get a website up quick. I told him he came to the right place!

What I have today is an extremely simple portfolio style website that is perfect for just starting out. I used wordpress for this reason because we can easily modify the website as his business grows.


Visit Christian’s website here => CNOTEVISUALS.COM